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We want you to always feel welcome to visit us, but we do ask that you give us a call first. We live 25 miles from the nearest town and would hate to be gone to town and have you sitting in our driveway waiting for us to return. We try to make only one trip to town each week so we are usually gone at least three to four hours. We appreciate your calls to check on your puppy or for contacting us for the first time. We welcome calls between 9am and 9pm. If you contact us before or after these hours please send an email to .


When you come to visit expect our dogs to be a bit rowdy. French Bulldogs especially love people and tend to want to bowl you over in their excitement. Please for your comfort don't wear lace type clothing, shorts or dresses. Unless you want to look like a Yeti when you leave, black is not the best color to wear.


Children are welcome as long as they will be careful and gentle with the dogs and puppies. They must listen to the rules. We do not permit children to carry the dogs or puppies. They must sit to hold them. This is a must because the Chinese Cresteds are fragile and French Bulldogs are top heavy. If a Frenchie jumps or is dropped their elbows and shoulders break easily. Playing on the floor or ground when we take them outside is great for the kids, but they need to be careful not to step on them.


You are welcome to visit your puppy as often as you like, just give us a call. 509-365-3492

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