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Hello Blanche.

Theres no stopping this kid! He even won today over a well known breeder's special.Crumbled in the Group Ring - I wasn't going to put him in, because I thought it might freak him out - and it did, he was all over. I wont try that again till hes finished. I dont want him to get burnt out - as long as hes having fun, he does great.Thank you Blanche! Nice job!












Hi Blanche,
Pinky is doing wonderfully! He and Cooper are becoming best friends-- they play and nap together all day. I can only take photos of them while napping since they jump around so much! Everyone that meets him is absolutely enchanted and I'm constantly asked about his breeder. Is it okay for me to refer people to you? It seems that he is willing and able to learn as many commands and tricks as we can think to teach him.He has finally come to like his crate and even goes in on his own throughout the day to have some quiet time by himself. He's sleeping through the night and seems to be adjusting to our schedule. We just love Pinky and really appreciate your dedication to producing such high caliber puppies. Not a day goes by that Pinky fails to do something to amaze us. He is superintelligent and truly the most agile and athletic dog I have ever seen!






" Dear Blanche,
 We are so gifted to have Pineapple in our family !
She is the second puppy in our home, and adjusted so easily to everything. To the new place she moved into, to us, to the other pup.
She is a delightful little one, very energetic! We get tired just watching her playing and running around with all the toys and her playmate! She is so much fun to be around.
We have no problems with her at all, she does everything a puppy suppose to do with a lot of personality !
She looooves to eat, anything and everything.
We have to be sure she can not reach the food of the other crested, (she gets adult food now)  otherwise she makes it disappear in seconds.
They have become such great friends, they are always togeth
er or look for each other.
Pineapple got new clothes, boots ,that fits her tiny size, and she doesn`t mind wearing them.
We took so many pictures of her already! She is just perfect for us.
We are thankful we were able to find a wonderful breeder like you are, and so happy to have a sweet little hairless crested like Pineapple in our life.
She is a delight in our days.
Thank you very much,





Badgercrest Kennels gave us our Rosabella and I can’t say enough great things about Blanche Johnson…    She gave us “The Perfect Frenchie!!!” 

The first 8 weeks is a really important time in your puppy’s development.   Badgercrest Kennels ensures that you puppy gets the individual care it needs during this time.   Our puppy was ready to come home and had an easy time transitioning into our environment.

Blanche  is always happy to answer emails or take a phone call when necessary.   She encouraged visitation as well.  Badgercrest wants you to be part of your puppy’s development and we took advantage of this.   Not only did we get the "Perfect Frenchie" We now have some lifelong friends and consider them part of our family...

  • Paul Corigliano and Tim Black Seattle, WA














Blanche and her husband are wonderful kind people. They opened up their home to me and warmly answered my many questions about puppy care. I couldn't have chosen a better environment for my Peanut to grow up in. The love that Blanche has for her dogs is breathtaking. From the moment my dog entered the world she was smothered by love and affection. As nervous as I was about being a first time dog owner, I always knew that I had chosen the right breeder. I have recommended her wholeheartedly to everyone who asks me about my amazing amazing dog. When I get my next Frenchie it will be one raised by Blanche.



Eric Eisenhardt












My husband and I received our Frenchie, Opus, from Blanche in August 2013.  Opus is a very special Frenchie as he was born with a cleft lip and palate.  I began communicating with Blanche shortly after Opus was born and was immediately struck by her commitment to this puppy.  He of course had feeding issues and then other health problems developed due to his palate.  Blanche worked tirelessly to help Opus survive while caring for his litter mates and the other puppies and adult dogs she had at the time.  Despite the incredibly long hours she devoted to the care of her dogs she stayed in frequent contact with me by phone and email, updating me on everything going on with Opus.  She was always gracious, informative and very open about the health challenges faced by this little guy.  She and her husband, Claude,welcomed me and my family members to their home where we visited with Opus on a few occasions.  It was obvious during these visits that Blanche cares deeply for her dogs, provides them with wonderful care and is very concerned about placing her puppies in the best possible homes.  When we brought Opus home he was completely crate trained; he was housebroken within a very short time.  Opus has been a wonderful addition to our family.  Working with Blanche was a completely positive experience and I highly recommend Badgercrest Kennel to those hoping to obtain a French Bulldog.


Gayle Brooks




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