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Our Sires


At Badgercrest we keep only one sire from each of our two breeds to avoid fights and also uncontrolled breeding. We are ethical in our breeding and don't take any chances. These boys are both nice quality.  They are very willing to make your dream puppy come true.

Boomer watching girls from Ukraine 100_0

Boomer is our awesome French Bulldog Sire. He produces consistently gorgeous puppies. We are pretty proud of this guy.

Go Go

Go Go is our handsome Chinese Crested Sire. We are looking forward to seeing puppies soon


Reggie is our newest endeavor.  He is a very nice quality Merle Frenchie. He has big beautiful brown eyes and knows how to use them to make you just want to snuggle him up. We look forward to seeing his gorgeous puppies in the near future.

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