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Our goal is to produce excellent companion puppies. We handle our puppies on  regular basis and even let you choose their name so we can call it by it's name from the start. Our babies are well cared for and socialized from birth. We breed both Chinese Crested and French Bulldog puppies. Both breeds make excellent companions. All of our puppies are raised in our home as part of the family. They are allowed outside in their yard for exercise and to relieve themselves periodically throughout the day but are not left out for very long. French Bulldogs can over heat on hot days and Chinese Createds can sunburn. On cold days Frenchies just prefer the warmth and Chinese Cresteds can freeze. The hairless variety would be the equivalent to us going outside naked in the cold. Both Breeds are considered inside dogs and should not be ever made to live in a dog house outdoors.


Our Available Chinese Cresteds are displayed on the Chinese Crested page 


Our French Bulldog program is set up a little differently. My daughter does the foot work so please contact her a 509-365-3199 or email her at if you are interested in getting on our waiting list for a frenchie puppy. The photos on the French Bulldog page are of puppies that have already been placed

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