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Our Dogs and Our Mission...

For Badgercrest Kennel maintaining the health of our dogs is very important. After all, our goal is healthy , happy, well socialized puppies that will adjust to their adoptive families without disrupting their normal routine or that of the new family. Our dogs are raised in our home with air conditioning for those hot summer days and forced air heat for our cold winter months. We want them to be as comfortable as we are year round.  Our intent is to educate people about their needs. Badgercrest Kennel welcomes your questions and actually appreciates your interest in your puppy because that shows us that you have every intention of treating your puppy with love, kindness, concern and respect.


Badgercrest Kennel keeps you updated throughout the process of getting  your puppy. We send pictures and emails to keep our adoptive families in the know. If we suspect your puppy has a health issue you will be notified immediately and we will inform you that we will be taking it to the Vet for an evaluation.  We will let you know as soon as possible what we find out. At Badgercrest we truly believe that honesty is the best policy. We are very transparent in our dealings with our adoptive families. Basically, you know what we know.


Our mission is happiness...For you, our adoptive families, us at Badgercrest Kennels and for our darling puppies.

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