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Our Dams


Our beautiful dams are typically bred only once each year.  We maintain their health very carefully. Our goal is to have healthy mommies that produce healthy , happy & well adjusted puppies.

Chinese Cresteds

unnamed (1).jpg
Raggedy Ann

Raggedy Ann is such a sweet little lady . She loves everyone and they better love her or she will work on them until they do.  You just couldn't find better temperament traits.

French Bulldogs

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Everyone loves Tessa. She is funny ,sweet and very cute. She is the best little mommy. She LOVES her babies.

Raggedy Ann and Tessa are full sisters and their Grand Dam (Row-Sand's Peaches, who passed at 17 year of age) was the first female Chinese Crested in my breeding program back in 2001

download (1).png
000_0018 (2).JPG
download (6).png

Crona  is one of sweetest frenchies. Talk about your lap dogs. She has produced really gorgeous, healthy babies. Thought I would add this picture of her with her beautiful litter

Margo, Missy and Milly are the new kids on the block.  We searched high and Low for the best quality Blues we could find. Blues with Brown or green eyes are hard to find. 

Gella from Ukraine 100_0092.JPG

Gella makes beautiful carbon copies of herself as well as a few equally pretty other patterns and colors. She is a cuddly little sweetheart.

Up coming Dam


Gorgeous, friendly and a great Mommy. What more can you ask for? Boomer likes her too.

Lovable little girl and quite a cuddler. This girl has it all including really nice puppies.


Pandee is still a little young , but she is sure to bring us 

some stunning puppies in the near future,

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