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So you want to know us better?


Claude and I have always had pets throughout our 50 plus years of marriage. In all honesty we would be lost without them. We have had farm, wild, domestic and exotic animals. Always...We have had dogs! I have bred Chinese Crested Dogs for right around twenty years now.  French Bulldogs are a newer endeavor for me. My Daughter and I have a program we run together for the Frenchies. She does the foot work but I do my own leg work so to speak. 


Some would think we are crazy. You have to be a little crazy to live out in the woods with all the natural predators and a bunch of little dogs. We have to be very careful not to let the dogs get out of their yard if we are not out there with them because we have Cougars, Coyotes, Bears and large Predatory Birds.


We are very serious about caring for our dogs and puppies and feed them good quality dog food and maintain their health with plenty of routine visits to our Veterinarian.


My Daughter and I are very actively involved in the birthing of the puppies, even assisting with some of the c-sections. During a c-section, if we are not helping with the actual delivery, in the delivery room we are at the reviving table rubbing the puppies to get them breathing. If we have a home birthing we set up our own little hospital in  our homes. We monitor the Dams very closely during the last week of their pregnancy. It is very important, especially with the French Bulldogs because many times they require c-section births and if you miss a sign you can lose a litter.


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